April Open Day


Guardians headed out to SFPT’s first open day of 2016 in drizzly, gusty weather and were greeted at the long pond by 2 swallows swooping about and flying past very close.  This cheered the troop for our visitors who were able to enjoy the sight of cowslips straight away on the bank near the Fromus.


The spring flowers were out to be enjoyed, despite the weather; including primroses, ground ivy, celandine, false oxlips and plenty of violets.  As visitors walked up to the earthwork, John Rainer was there to enlighten them with all his recent archaeological findings but waders were needed to negotiate the aptly named “meremeade” which was swimming in water.  As you followed the self-directed tour of the reserve you could detour past our vigorous hybrid (of primrose and cowslip) the false oxlip and arrive next at the round pond with some lady’s smock blooming happily in the flooded area.  The riparian strip has 2 new bluebell plants but as yet they are not in bloom, but visitors could inhale the pungent aroma of the great expansion of ransoms from one clump last year to many about to bloom along the fast flowing Fromus.


Guardians and visitors could convince themselves that the bird droppings and straw on the shelf outside our new owl boxes suggested signs of owlish inhabitants and as you returned through muddy ruts and puddles the lucky could spot a bullfinch in the blackthorn thicket singing his heart out.


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