August Moths

HornetBurying Beetle

Our newest guardian & U3A wildlife group leader, Pete Rowberry, intrepidly set a Skinner moth trap with actinic bulb near the cowshed after our open day last Sunday.  He was able to take these images of non-moth species who enjoyed the shelter of the trap overnight – a hornet (distinguishable from wasps by its reddish-brown legs and thorax) and our friend nicrophorus investigator – the burying beetle.  He did, of course, manage to record some moths!  You can find the recording sheet on our species lists page – a different cast of poetically-named characters to our April recording: scalloped oak, mottled beauty, shuttle-shaped dart and dark arches amongst them.  Pete hopes to go along monthly & enlarge our understanding of the nocturnal life of Fromus Valley.

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