Bryophyte survey



SFPT had the pleasure to host bryophyte recorder Richard Fisk at Orchid Glade.  He says: “There was a lot of moss on the ground but rather limited in number of species although overall there was an interesting mix. Some trees had a number of epiphytes, in particular a willow by the pond (the nearest one on the left as you face the pond). They included the tiny liverwort Cololejeuna minutissima and moss Orthotrichum striatum. Not so many years ago Cololejeuna minutissima was more or less restricted to the south and western coastal areas of Britain but it has spread quite rapidly across the country and is becoming fairly frequent in Suffolk. Orthotrichum striatum is also another species on the move and again is becoming more frequent in the county. The best find of the day however was the moss Climacium dendroides which I found in the cleared area parallel to the road. This moss is fairly frequent in Breckland but is rare in East Suffolk, I have previously only found it on Bungay Common and at Barnby Broad so this is a completely new area. I only saw a small patch of it but it looked very healthy and was growing well, perhaps benefitting from clearance of the scrub.”

You can find the full species listing here.

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