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Orchid Glade report February 2017

St. Valentine’s Day The Orchid Glade today seems to have the faintest wisp of springtime about it – or perhaps it is just the magic of February 14th at work. The place is in its default setting for February: squishy, oozing, soggy and just plain waterlogged. Like ponds everywhere, the pond is a focus for […]

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January at Orchid Glade

SFPT  January 2017 report for Orchid Glade New Year regrets January 10th 2017 – a mild, blue day at our Orchid Glade reserve, and too late for New Year resolutions. But will I never learn? Once again, wildlife has caught me knapping, and I was clawing for my camera before I even entered the Orchid […]

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January at Fromus

SFPT January 2017 report for Fromus Meadows reserve Black noses, cowpats and puddles January 10th 2017, and this is my first visit of the year to our Fromus Meadows reserve. After the heavy rain last night, the River Fromus is in fine form, and is swirling through the lower meadow past the herd of native […]

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Orchid Glade – December 2016

SFPT  Orchid Glade report for December 2016 Springtime in December Mid-winter is almost upon us. Today – 14th December – we are seven days from the winter solstice, and the noon–time sun hangs lower in the sky with every day that passes. In brilliant, warm sunshine I have just taken a photograph of my shadow […]

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November at Fromus

SFPT  November 2016 report for Fromus Meadows Hedgerow larders Mid November in Fromus Meadows, and the sun is beating down from a cloudless sky. There is not a puff of wind, and the Fromus river is bubbling and chuckling again, after its long dry spell. The hedgerows are at their best right now for all […]

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November at Orchid Glade

SFPT November 2016 report for Orchid Glade A big step to boost the flora November 12th, and the Orchid Glade is soaking up autumnal sunshine. The nature reserve has got a lot larger since September, when I was last here. It is an optical illusion of course, brought about by the recent enlargement of the […]

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samba in sax

A big thank you to Greener Sax for hosting their annual fair – this year enlivened by an amazing samba band outside the market hall.  We had a great morning and if you came by and are interested in getting involved just contact us for details.

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October in Orchid Glade

As we climbed over the gate, we were astounded to see the clearing work which has taken place at Orchid Glade.  We saw a huge area basking in the sunlight, cleared of undergrowth and the ubiquitous sprouting alder and dogwood.  A deer ran away as we marvelled at the restored glade.  We walked to the […]

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October at Fromus

Friday 7th October 5.30 – end of a grey day.  Grey clouds folded low and still. On the track a crushed pigeon wing – the Fromus bed is bone dry except for one pool. Light fading so I don’t venture into it.  Sap retreating – dog’s mercury pale and drooping, oak-leaves brown at their outer […]

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Greener Sax Fair & Flies!

This year, Greener Sax are holding their winter fair early!  Come along to the Sax Market Hall 10.00 – 13.00 Saturday 29th October for a spot of xmas shopping – the green way.  Meanwhile on the species list page, just posted, a species list for diptera kindly supplied by Peter Vincent from his Fromus survey last […]

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