Click on any image to see a slideshow of the 10 acre Orchid Glade site at white house farm, Hasketon

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  1. Neil Mahler says:

    The shots of Coprinopsis lagopus and Coprinus comatus are correct, but the final photo (labelled as fairy ring champignons) is incorrect.
    This is almost certainly Laccaria laccata – the Deceiver !! (and they do not grow in rings, but more often in small groups)
    I can also back up your statement of the Chalara fraxinia symptoms on the Ash shown.
    With careful searching in April (of last years fallen Ash racemes) it would have been possible to spot the tiny fruiting bodies of the perfect or sexual state of Chalara called ‘Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbida’ – the spores from these tiny white fungi will go on to infect the newly emerged leaves where it will spread through the leaf raceme and into the wood (this is the asexual or anomorph state known as Chalara)

    If I remember, I will send a couple of photos of the fruiting bodies in a seperate email.


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