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Open day on Sunday the 2nd August saw wonderful sunshine at Orchid Glade, bringing out the insects to feed on the wonderful flora there: red bartsia, fleabane, cornmint, St. John’s Wort, knapweed, bird’s foot trefoil, marsh woundwort, agrimony and common centaury are the stars of the site.  The team joined in with the “Big Butterfly Count” and saw a good variety of butterflies – the peacock just loves the fleabane but numerous gatekeepers were flitting about with a comma, brimstone, common blue and even a purple hairstreak!



The ringlets were looking rather sorry for themselves with ragged wings, there were numerous large whites and even a few skippers:


Images are courtesy of our very own John Rainer – who also has the credit of seeing the hairstreak.  Orchid Glade was also visited by a hare and some fallow deer with blue damselflies, ruddy darters and a migrant hawker zooming about the pond.

August 1st was open day at the Fromus site and the guardians enjoyed the sunshine:


But, before all of this, the inimitable Laurie Forsyth prepared a glorious July report for the Fromus site which you can read – illustrated with his own photos which he kindly allows us to reproduce here – in the seasonal diary.


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