More Bryophytes


Our bryophyte recorder visited Simspson’s Fromus Valley last week.  Despite the river it was quite dry (it is the end of the bryophyte season in Suffolk) and it appeared to be generally less humid than at Hasketon: the presumption being, it is more exposed to drying winds and epiphytes were hard to find.  There was really one moss worthy of a specific record.  This is Tortula schimperi; it used to be variety of T. subulata but was fairly recently elevated to specific status by Spanish bryologists.   Richard says “I  have been looking for it across Suffolk for it appears to have an eastern distribution in Britain and Suffolk, so far, has more records than elsewhere so I was pleased to find a new site for it. A return visit in the winter will, I am sure, add some names to the list.”

You can find the full list of bryophytes recorded on the species lists page.

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