Herewith, an early report from our well attended open day this morning – despite the rain!  We were extremely pleased to have a moth trap set last night, for the first time.  At 06.30 three volunteers checked the trap and found 25 species and an ichneumon wasp.  Pictured is the trap and a brimstone moth (taken on iphone as your intrepid photographer left the kit behind….).

Visitors were able to see all the moths sitting quietly in pots and marvel at their diversity of size, appearance and colour – from the large buff ermine with his furry head through the (very early) sighting of an orange footman to the coxcomb prominent which is easily mistaken for a chip of bark!

The volunteers undertook a bird survey and also found 25 species including blackcap, whitethroat and lesser whitethroat with buzzard and sparrowhawk.  Sadly, we also found a number of predated eggs including probable moorhen near the cattle pond.

We look forward in the near future to presenting the full findings of both surveys, with a bryophyte survey and some photographs by guest contributors!  We will also be featuring in the EADT environment supplement so look out for that next Saturday.

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