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Both Laurie Forsyth and new SFPT recorder Jerry Bowdrey have been finding new records for our reserves.  At Fromus Jerry sent us this (all photos kindly provided by Jerry):

Notable and interesting Invertebrates recorded at the Fromus Reserve 2015

By Jerry Bowdrey

Odonata dragonflies

Sympetrum sanguineum Ruddy Darter (Notable b)

Both ponds and river

Orthoptera grasshoppers and crickets

Tetrix subulata Slender groundhopper (Local)

river bank

A relative of the grasshoppers and crickets associated with damp areas

Psyllidae psyllids

Cacopsylla visci on Mistletoe growing on Field Maple

One of several species of invertebrate associated with this host plant .It is hoped some of the others might be found later in the year. Scarce

Livia junci

induces tassel galls on Juncus spp. Found by the circular pond on J.articulatus Jointed Rush. Uncommon in Suffolk *

livia juncorum gall of a psyllid on juncus rush

Homoptera : Delphacidae plant hoppers

Euconomelus Lepidus (Local)

 A planthopper associated with Eleocharis palustris by circular pond

Heteroptera plant bugs

Dictyla convergens  a Lace bug (Local)

Pond near entrance on Water-Forget-Me-Not Myosotis scorpioides.  

Diptera : Cecidomyiidae gall midges

Placochela nigripes galled flowers of Elder Sambucus nigra *

not often seen, found by western gate  on FP

plachochela nigripes galls of a gall midge on elder flowers

Coleoptera : Cerambycidae

Agapanthia villosovirescens (Local)*

An impressive and attractive longhorn beetle that has become more widespread in recent years -associated with Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) by R.Fromus nr entrance

agapanthia villosovirescens longhorn beetle

Hymenoptera :Chalcidae Chalcid wasps

Chalcis sepsis (prov.Notable a)

on emergent vegetation by the circular pond

This curious chalcid wasp with enlarged red, hind femora is a parasitoid of the aquatic larvae of soldier flies and is accorded provisional Na status (Nationally notable A). It is usually associated with coastal grazing marsh e.g.beside the Thames and in Norfolk and Somerset.

And from Orchid Glade Laurie sent this (with his photos):

Two photos attached of species new to O.G.  reserve records 25.8.2015

The colourful leaf is an alder leaf attacked by the fungus Taphrina tosquinetii (no English name) confirmed by Jerry Bowdrey.

Gall on alder SFPT O.G.

The plant is blue fleabane Erigeron acer. The petals never open wider than shown in the photo. despite the name, it is only distantly related to the yellow common fleabane

Fleabane blue 4

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