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Licensee sought for organic pasture at Kelsale, near Saxmundham
The magic hidden mediaeval meadows of Suffolk Flora Trust’s Fromus reserve, at Kelsale, have been pasture for centuries, and grazing is an essential management tool to maintain the historic character of the sward. The whole area of 27 acres is surrounded by thick hedges and a secure cattle-proof (3-strands barbed wire) perimeter fence, and internally divided by hedges and fences into compartments for easy livestock managememt. Mains water is laid on. There is good access from A12. The land is managed organically, and is registered with the Soil Association. The grass harvest in July 2013 produced 103 round big bales, and the aftermaths are now in good condition for autumn grazing.
Organic regulations limit the time than non-organic-registered cattle can graze, but 60 days allocation remain in 2013.
The Trustees offer a short-term license for autumn grazing 2013, gratis, but would also welcome approaches for 2014, or longer term.
Please contact the Trust at

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