October in Orchid Glade

As we climbed over the gate, we were astounded to see the clearing work which has taken place at Orchid Glade.  We saw a huge area basking in the sunlight, cleared of undergrowth and the ubiquitous sprouting alder and dogwood.  A deer ran away as we marvelled at the restored glade.  We walked to the open gate beside the thicket and saw tracks where deer have been able to come and go without harming themselves on the barbed wire fences.

Shaggy inkcap og Oct 2015

More clearing has taken place beside and beyond the pond and we watched two Ruddy darters having a fine old time together as they flew over the brilliantly green mossy drawdown.   Upon further exploration of the clearances we came upon a crowd of shaggy inkcap mushrooms.  We lost count after 93!

The pale green/grey leaves of the common fleabane were a delightful contrast to their turning brown/black flowers.  We left with the taste of unblemished blackberries, and feeling much comforted by seeing the restoration of Orchid Glade. We know that it will need regular maintenance but a grand start has been achieved.

Janey Cullen and Rose Battye

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