Orchid weekend


This weekend might be a busy one for you – it’s the Queen’s birthday and there are plenty of opportunities locally to help her celebrate.  But you would be well rewarded by finding time to come along to one of our reserves and see the splendid show of orchids at this time of year.  The majority are Southern Marsh orchids and their hybrids but we also have twayblade and early purple orchids.  Orchid glade is aptly named and we will be there on Saturday morning from 10.00 – 13.00 to show you round.  Sunday from 13.00 – 16.00 we will be in our glorious Fromus Reserve where, as well as admiring our fine patch of orchids, you can wander the meadows and take in the fine mediaeval earthwork.


Reserves Access Policy

Subscribing Guardians may visit the two Suffolk Flora Trust Reserves at all reasonable times by the access points described below. However, to provide protection to sensitive flora, the gates to both reserves are normally locked and the reserves are closed to unauthorised visitors.  Dogs are not permitted.
On Open Days, members of the public are welcomed, and  Trust Guardians are on site to explain flora, fauna and landscape matters to visitors. On these days, only, the entrance to both reserves is marked with a Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust banner. Open days are advertised in advance on the website,

Visitors requiring specific directions may email at least one working day before the proposed visit.

Simpson‘s Fromus Valley at Kelsale

The entrance is a small track on the western side of the A12 at the northern end of the A12 Saxmundham bypass. It is only accessible safely when approaching from the south. Turn in the laybye at the entrance to Park Gate Farm and, on Open Days, look for the Trust banner on the same side of the road..

A public footpath crossing the northern section of Simpson’s Fromus Valley Reserve provides the right of way, but not general access.

Orchid Glade at Hasketon

This is situated on the by-road from Hasketon to Boulge. On Open days, a Guardian will be on duty at the gateway, which will be marked with the Flora Trust banner. Advice will be provided on car parking. Visitors should be aware that the ground surface is irregular.

Group visits

If your organisation has a related interest in flora, fauna or landscape history, and would like to visit the Reserves at other times, please email

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