Well, September has been and gone, dryly.  The SFPT calendar of open days has finished, the hay has been cut and baled and the hedgerow has been harvested for blackberries and golden bullace – although the sloes and rosehips are yet to reach their peak.  Jars of chutney are maturing and last year’s sloe gin has been tasted – the verdict: we like them all!

Watermint and yarrow are the last blooms in the field as the maple leaves start to turn.  The cattle are back for their autumn grazing – and they seem to like the hedgerow fruits more than the grass………

SFPT volunteers are keeping busy, though.  Catch us at the Greener sax winter fair in December when you can buy the hedgerow produce, cards, calendars and prints, meet the guardians and sign up yourself.

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