Sloe Gin

SFPT has been wondering what the best sloe gin recipe in the world might be: we do the research, you reap the benefit when you pick your sloes at the Fromus Valley open day on 21st September 10.00 – 13.00!

So far, we discover that there is much folklore surrounding the making of sloe gin, but more recently some science and of course there are a number of classic sources for your sloe gin recipe.  All said, it’s a matter of taste and preference, but since we hope there won’t be a frost before the 21st we are going for the “science” version (freeze the sloes to burst the fruit).  If we get enough sloes, we will try 2 more traditional recipes for a proper double-blind randomised tasting comparison session when it’s ready……….watch this space!

Asloe (blackthorn fruit)s always, contact us at with queries about the open day.

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