spring has sprung!

Sweet violets two colours with celandine

With thanks to all those who visited jools exhibition in Saxmundham and our recent open day.  Our recording coordinators are very pleased to send this report from the open day, confirming that the great-crested newts found at our Fromus reserve last year have laid eggs in both ponds:

Round/flight pond
Common frogs: five adults and about 15 spawn clumps.
Great crested newt: one female, one juvenile and many eggs.
Smooth newt: one female and eggs.
Pond near entrance gate
Common frog: two spawn clumps.
Great crested newt: eggs.

Additionally, to whet your appetite for our next open day (06.06.2015 Orchid Glade), Laurie Forsyth has sent in his illustrated Orchid Glade April report: which you can read in the seasonal diary.

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