GR 62(TM)/38-66-
.     23 . 3 . 2014.     C. J. B. Hitch

The reserve was visited on the said date and the site walked to get a preliminary idea of the lichen flora present.

It is approximately 28 acres of pastureland, divided into fields with hedges with mature trees along their length. At the top of the reserve is some light woodland, bordering the River Fromus, with earthworks beneath the trees and a water meadow beyond.

Apart from these habitats, there are some small amounts of worked wood in various states of decay and very occasionally, bits of stonework, either as concrete lumps, helping to stabilise the soil in a hedgerow gap, but also few ancient concrete gateposts.


All these substrates support different lichens and to date 42 species have been recorded in the field, but one or two scrapes were collected where it was felt that the author was not entirely sure of their determination.

It was decided that a further visit would be beneficial and this will take place in due course, a fuller report made and a mapping card deposited in the archives of the Trust.


Dr. C. J. B. Hitch

April 15th. 2014.

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