"Meet Your Neighbours" is a worldwide project to document and generate interest in local biodiversity.  Jools uses the “field studio” technique developed by conservation photographer Niall Benvie to create images for SFPT identification charts from flora at the reserves.


Pictured above is the (very “Heath Robinson”!) “field studio” set up to photograph violets.  Try browsing our “Meet Your Neighbours” gallery to see the amazing results!

This photographic gallery is an ongoing project by Jools to document the seasonal biodiversity and seasonal changes at Simpson’s Fromus Valley and Orchid Glade artistically and for wildlife recording purposes.  Jools is a photographer with over 25 years experience.  She is particularly interested in macro and wildlife photography and ecology of habitats hence her attraction to the Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust.



Please email us via the Photography link on the Contact Us page for calendars, cards or prints of any images 100% profits to the Trust.  Cards and prints up to A2 size can be mounted and framed, OR mounted but unframed, OR unmounted.

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