Welcome to 2015


2015 has begun and Laurie Forsyth has already been out in the field producing our first monthly report from the Fromus reserve for the seasonal diary.  The reserve may be leafless, but it is full of life – lots of great tits were feeding voraciously in the trees and on the ground, 4 lapwings flew off from the end of mere meadow and the log pile is showing us what a valuable biodiversity bounty it can be:



We look forward to our journey through 2015 at our reserves – will we find new species?  How many orchids will pop up this year at our Fromus reserve?  Will the great-crested newts make another appearance at Orchid Glade?  Keep following us and don’t forget to join us on an open day if you can – the first one is April 11th 2015 10.00 – 13.00 at the Fromus site for the spring flora.

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