There are three ways in which you can become involved with us — which are not mutually exclusive!

The first of these is likely to be by VISITING EITHER OR BOTH OF OUR RESERVES — See our Open Days page

After that, you might wish to consider becoming a GUARDIAN and/or a VOLUNTEER with Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust.


We call our Members Guardians, as we recognise that it is everyone's responsibility to take care of the environment for the benefit of those who come after us.

Don’t leave the survival of habitats to chance — become a Guardian with the Trust and share in the work to save Suffolk’s precious flora, its habitat and associated fauna.

Your annual Guardian subscription gives you the opportunity to visit the reserves whenever you like, and participate at Guardian meetings to drive forward the work that ensures the Trust continues maintaining and preserving Suffolk flora.  

For a minimum yearly subscription of £25.00 — voluntary donations above this are welcome — you will also receive our yearly educational publication, beautifully produced by Leiston Press and worth £10.00.  

At present, it is not possible to pay your subscription online, so
EITHER download⬇︎a standing-order mandate, complete and post it to us
OR, if you have no printer, please email us for one to be posted to you.


By volunteering you will help to conserve, maintain and improve the precious and dwindling resource of land where nature’s unspoilt beauty can be protected and preserved.  As a volunteer you can choose to help with a variety of projects including guiding parties around the reserves on open days, helping with publicity and administration, carrying out species surveys, building habitat boxes, creating signs from local materials, making living sculptures, preparing delicious jams and jellies from the hedgerow harvest and of course joining volunteer conservation work parties. 

Your skills, imagination and enthusiasm are what we need, so please contact us by post or e-mail today!

Postal and email addresses appear on the  Contact Us page.

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