Happy New Year 

5th Jan 2014 by jools 

It’s a new year: the seasons roll on, with wind and storms battering the landscape.  Simpson’s Fromus Valley has very high water levels but remains as picturesque as ever for a Guardians' inspection this morning during a brief break in the clouds.


Fromus Valley's medieval history

11th Dec 2013 by jools

Great news!  For those of you intrigued by John Rainer’s exploration of the dam’s history on "the mound" during the Autumn Open Day at Fromus Valley, there is a Fromus Valley's medieval history page for you to read more.  We have to thank all the amazing contributors, including Dr. Hoppitt who has been researching Kelsale since the 80's.  There will be more to come, as new insights arise – watch this space!


December update

8th Dec 2013 by jools

SFPT had a wonderful time at the GreenerSax Winter Fair – many thanks to all who came to support us, and thanks to the Greenersax team for organising such a fun event.  Winter being a fallow time, we have had a moment to update the website.  You will now find a Species-seen list  available, with more coming soon once the 2013 surveys of Orchid Glade and Simpson’s Fromus Valley are finalised.  


Winter Fair

27th Nov 2013 by jools

Come and support SFPT at the GreenerSax Winter Fair this Sunday at Saxmundham Market Hall.  Meet the guardians, talk about the hedgerow harvest, sign up to volunteer or become a Guardian and buy Xmas goodies including our 2014 calendar!


Ailing thistles

14th Nov 2013 by jools

Near the ancient crab-apple, Guardians have noticed a patch of creeping thistles in Meremede affected by chlorphyll loss at their tips (see image below).  The cause has been identified by our Chief Botanical Recorder as infection with the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae.


November update

9th Nov 2013 by admin

A group of five Guardians visited the Fromus Reserve this morning to survey the storm damage and were pleased to find no large trees fallen – possibly due to the dryness of the summer securing the roots.  The ancient crab-apple has lost a top branch and a number of large oak branches have dropped, but the Reserve was full of berries, large purple bullaces – and even a muntjac bolting across a lower field into hedgerow cover.  The field maples were gloriously turning, there is an exceptionally tall specimen on the dam and, unusually, near the lower pond, mistletoe is growing on some field maples.  You can read the report via the Seasonal Diaries, and view new images in the Autumn gallery.


 1401 guardians surveying the storm damage   1401 pond overflowing 

  1401 the fromus   1401 lichen   1311 microbial thistle disease

  1401 frozen field



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