Saturday 1st April                          Fromus                     10.00-13.00

Saturday 3rd June                         Orchid Glade           10.00-13.00

Saturday 5th August                     Orchid Glade           10.00-13.00

Saturday 16th September            Fromus                     10.00-13.00

Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust is an entirely volunteer-run conservation charity, guided by the wishes of the late Francis Simpson.The Trust’s mission is to purchase land to “permanently preserve for the benefit of the public generally, especially the inhabitants of the county of Suffolk, sites of beauty or historical or ecological interest or scientific importance and in particular the natural flora of the county of Suffolk”.

The trust currently owns two wild reserves: “Orchid Glade” near Hasketon and “Simpson’s Fromus Valley” near Kelsale.  Visit the pages on this site to find out about Francis Simpson and the origins of the trust, more about our two reserves, read our seasonal diary to find out how the reserves develop through the year, look at a slideshow of images of flora and fauna from the reserves or check the species sighted lists, explore the fascinating history of the Simpson’s Fromus Valley site and, finally, get involved yourself through volunteering or guardianship.

For directions to the Reserves, please see the Reserve Access Policy here

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