Orchid Glade – March report 

25th Mar 2014 by jools 

The Orchid Glade March report by Laurie Forsyth is now available within the Seasonal Diaries

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Working Party

23rd Mar 2014 by jools

We had an excellent working party today, clearing blackthorn saplings prior to grazing which starts on Friday.  We were joined by a new species recorder, lichenologist Christopher Hitch (pictured below surveying the lichen on our fencing  —  OOPS! MISSING IMAGE!).  There are festoons of blackthorn blossom now drawing huge bumblebees, and you can read more within the Seasonal Diaries.  The frogspawn, particularly, have made a lot of progress.


Fromus Valley – March report

22nd Mar 2014 by jools

We are pleased to announce, not just the return of the sun and the flora, but also our monthly reports from Laurie Forsyth – Norfolk-Suffolk Life contributor and botanical recorder.  You can find the first from our Fromus Reserve within the Seasonal Diaries.  Full sun is promised for our working party at the site tomorrow, so come and see the features he describes for yourself …


Cycle of life

19th Mar 2014 by jools

Having seen our grass snake, now we see what he’ll be feasting upon once they’ve grown into frogs — very reassuring to see our predator has plenty of potential prey this year!

Don’t forget our working party at the Fromus Reserve this Sunday – when you can see what’s happening at the pond and all the spring flora, whilst clearing the field edges of invasive blackthorn.


Natrix natrix

12th Mar 2014 by jools

Another beautiful spring day at our Fromus Reserve where everything is springing into life.  This year, ladybirds and bees are out already and our resident grass-snake (the natrix natrix) is out basking near his hole: more words within the Seasonal Diaries and pictures in the Fromus Spring gallery.


Spring has sprung!

26th Feb 2014 by jools

Only February 26th, and this year Spring is well on its way under a sunny sky.  Don’t forget to put April 26th in your diary for our next Open Day at the Fromus Reserve.



  1403 blackthorn blossom march   1403 bee on blackthorn blossom3   1403 frogspawn1  

 1403 catkins4  1403 bumblebee  1403 ladybird


MISSING IMAGES:  christopher-hitch-surveying-lichens;  nearly-tadpoles;  spider-on-spawn