Most of the lists are downloadable, as indicated below.  However, the latest "A first list of insects occurring at Fromus Valley" is included as Chapter 12 of the Trust's 2020 publication, "Glories and Curiosities at two Suffolk Nature Reserves", which is available here.



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"The Lichens of the Simpson's Fromus Valley Reserve", March 2018

"Diptera Records of Fromus Valley"

"Moths recorded at Simpson's Fromus Valley"

"SFPT Fromus Valley Moths, 11/9/2015"

"Fromus Valley: New plants, 22/7/15"  [listed by Lowestoft Field Club]

"Plant galls and Invertebrates, Fromus, 2015", 2-27/5/15

"Orchid Glade Reserve Hasketon Flora Survey 2014", up to 27/8/14

Simpson's Fromus Reserve Kelsale Flora Survey 2014", up to 18/8/14

"Simpson's Fromus records: 2014 planthoppers", 3-4/8/14

"Fungi Species, Simpson's Fromus Valley, 3/8/14"

"SFPT Fromus Valley reserve: Moths, 3/8/14"

"Fromus flora records": possibly new records, up to 20/7/14

"The Lichens of Orchid Glade", 31/5/14

"Simpson's Fromus Valley Bryophytes": survey 30/4/14

"Simpson's Fromus Valley Reserve: Moth Survey", 26/4/14

"Simpson's Fromus Reserve: Flora Survey 2014", 4/2/14-2/4/14

"Orchid Glade Reserve: Flora Survey 2014", 2/4/14

"Orchid Glade Bryophyte Survey, March 2014"

"Simpson's Fromus Valley": species sighted list, October 2013

"Simpson's Fromus Reserve: Flora and Fauna Survey", 27/5-31/10/13

"Orchid Glade Reserve: Flora and Fauna Survey", 1/8-12/9/13