Since 2014, the Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust has published an annual high-quality print book, in its Adult Education Series, revealing aspects of the historic landscape and wildlife of the Trust’s reserves at Kelsale and Hasketon.  These have all been written, edited and produced "in house" (well, really "in the field"!) by our own members (or "Guardians"), with additional contributions by relevant experts with whom we work very closely.


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Fromus Valley
& Orchid Glade

natural history
  Fromus Valley
The Legacy of
Francis W.
Barons to
  Ripples &
  Wilding and
  Glories and
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History of the
Medieval Park








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at two Suffolk Nature Reserves


The 2020 annual (No.7 in our Adult Education Series) was published on 22nd December.  This year’s book has 80 pages with 45 colour plates.  With the title ‘Glories and Curiosities’, the contents focus on these aspects of trees and woody shrubs.  

Guest author Richard Mabey introduces with a scholarly discussion of the glorious role of oaks in the countryside; and Janey Cullen has provided a monthly portrait of the Grand Oak of Fromus Valley reserve.  

Pete Southgate muses more widely on the trees of this reserve and Orchid Glade, including ages computed from girth measurements.  His overview is followed by a closer look at the veterans of the Great Bank at Fromus.  

Jerry Bowdrey introduces us to the galls, many of them uniquely curious in appearance, and Adrian Knowles describes other Hymenoptera he has found at these two reserves; followed by Jerry Bowdrey, again, to describe the beetles; both experts have provided brilliant illustrations of their specialities.  

Kaaren Whitney’s poem imagines the conversation between trees, and Serena Inskip evocatively relives  her encounter with a pair of damselflies.  

Argus Hardy introduces the wider partnership of Wild East, and Gathorne Cranbrook outlines a scheme for local businesses to offset carbon in tree growth.  To close, there is a landmark three-page first list of insects found at Fromus Valley.  

Be sure, this year’s book is a glorious achievement, and a gift to satisfy the curiosity of every naturalist.

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The Gift of two
Suffolk Nature Reserves


The contributions gathered in SFPT's sixth annual volume show how Suffolk people are already engaged in wilding, and also recognise the value of natural habitats to enhance well-being.  Since 2013, the management of the Trust's two reserves has been undertaken on a fully voluntary basis by a small committee of Guardians.  The dedicated efforts of these Guardians, along with biological records resulting from visits by specialist experts in different fields of botany and natural history, are accessible in digital form elsewhere on this website.


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The water world of two
Suffolk Nature Reserves


In OUR FIFTH ANNUAL VOLUME, we decided that the theme for 2018 should be the aquatic environment on our reserves or, as we shall call it, the Water World.  We are pleased to have contributions from a talented group of writers.


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Landholders & Land-use
on two Suffolk Nature Reserves


The fourth annual volume was compiled from contributions by Guardians to show how past ownership is reflected in the present condition of  the two Reserves, to describe different ways in which the Reserves are valued by Guardians, and to discuss options for present and future management to meet the objectives of the Charity.


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The 2016 book, Two Suffolk Nature Res-erves: the Legacy of Francis W. Simpson, edited by our Rose Battye and Janey Cullen, celebrates  the 30th anniversary of the Trust.

We hope that the unfolding story will resonate with other volunteers who may be struggling to save or foster something they think is important — in our case, a couple of small but exciting nature reserves near the Suffolk coast. 


£12.00 (P&P £3.00)


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The publication for 2015 was a description of the dam earthworks and its associated features, "Simpson's Fromus Valley and Kelsale Park: A Guide to the Earthwork features of the Reserve", written by our Archaeologist, John Rainer.  The book has now sold out, and is unlikely to be reprinted.

However, in 2020 John updated the book, available as a download here.


A companion account, John's detailed history of Kelsale Park transports the reader back to the days when it was the centrepiece for a family of leading medieval noblemen.  "Simpson's Fromus Valley and Kelsale Park: A brief history of the medieval park" can be downloaded here.

There is a related on-screen article too, summarising both subjects, that you can view here.

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2014 at Simpson's Fromus Valley and Orchid Glade by our Laurie Forsyth is a collection of Seasonal Diary reports, images and reflections on one year in the two Reserves.


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