Neil Mahler has kindly provided us with another fungal survey, with pictures, at Simpson’s Fromus Valley and you can see the results on the species lists page.  He made some interesting finds:

“This was the most exciting – Phylloporia ribis, growing around the base of several standing Hawthorn trees.   2nd record for Suffolk and only 1 record in Norfolk:

Phylloporia ribis

There was also an unidentified ‘Jelly Fungus’ – I have never seen this growth pattern before:

unidentified jelly fungus

There was a ‘Damp Rot’ unknown species growing deep inside the Crab Apple:

damp rot

All in all, quite a variety for this time of year.

spring hazelcuprigidoporus ulmariusoyster fungusbeefsteak and mensularia radiataamanita vaginata