A PRIZE-WINNER:  Under the gentle handling of Philip Baskett, the Trust's first-born pure bred British White calf Fromus Premier (above) has learnt to be led on a halter.  At the South Suffolk Agricultural Show on 12th May, Premier was first of his class and Show champion.  He and Philip will be on parade again at the Royal Norfolk Show on 26th June.  Please come to cheer them on against stiffer competition, and to see other entrants of this handsome breed.


But that's not all the good news ...


  Drakkars calf IMG 20190522 


A NEW BIRTH:  On 22nd May, a new calf at Simpson's Fromus Reserve — a lovely heifer sired by the Trust's own bull, Drakkar.  Those Guardians who have been botanising at Fromus know that Drakkar takes a close and friendly interest in their activities.  He will now have something else to think about !