Butterflies and black bryony 

30th Jun 2013 by admin 

Our botanical recorders and Guardians have been out in Fromus Reserve, recently.  First sighting this year of black bryony and cut-leaved cranesbill; but two new species of butterfly have emerged – small skipper and meadow browns.  This is excellent news, now we are just waiting for the ladybirds!


Summer Solstice 2013

27th Jun 2013 by admin

Kaaren Whitney reports from the solstice celebrations at our Fromus Reserve:

“The weather couldn’t decide whether it would be rain or just be cloudy when we gathered to celebrate the Longest Day on 20th June.

Reinforced with umbrellas, which we ultimately didn’t need, we set off for the mound seeking the kind of inspiration high places can offer.  Not disappointed, we proceeded to the main open area where we gave honour to Air, Fire, Earth and Water with words, poems and song plus individual pledges toward enhancement of the earth.

During the meditation we were asked to become Light which led to a variety of responses and fulfilled the day of greatest light, even if the weather forgot the fact.”


Summer at Fromus

26th Jun 2013 by admin

Summer has definitely arrived, and new images can be viewed on the Fromus Summer page including the lovely ragged robin (also shown below).


Orchid Glade orchids!

22nd Jun 2013 by admin

We had a wonderful open day at Orchid Glade on June 16th – the orchids were out in great numbers and the adder’s tongue fern count was increased.  Glade clearing to allow re-grazing continued by hand and the plastic waste from tree protectors was removed.


Work at Orchid Glade

12th Jun 2013 by admin

In conformity with Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) prescriptions, a mechanical cutter has been employed at Orchid Glade to top the growth of invasive tree seedlings and scrub.  This treatment could not be performed last year because of excessive wetness.  This has cleared the roadside gate entrance.


New Summer Images

11th Jun 2013 by admin

New images from the first visit of the 2013 summer are now on the Fromus Summer page and the Orchid Glade page.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much light so they are quite grainy.



10th Jun 2013 by admin

Seventeen large southern marsh orchids found in the Fromus meadow and multiple small ones at Orchid Glade, including rare ring-spotted variant as well as common twayblade.  


Wildlife Recording

2nd Jun 2013 by admin

“Citizen science” and wildlife recording are incredibly important for keeping track of the state of our native wildlife.  This weekend was “garden bioblitz” – if you didn’t take part then have a look at the website and see what else is happening: http://www.bnhc.org.uk/home/bioblitz/

Here at SFPT, our expert Tom Langton has set up a “recording grid” for noting species seen at our two sites and where they were seen.


  1306 S M orchid  1306 ragged robin