This year's Royal Norfolk Show (26 & 27 June) was designated a Centenary Celebration Show for the British White Cattle Society.  Following the success at the South Suffolk Show of our first home-bred bull calf, Fromus Premier (born in May 2018), the next step was this special occasion at the Royal Norfolk.  SFPT Cattle Manager Philip Baskett took Premier in hand, and trained him for these events.  At the Royal Norfolk, Premier won the blue rosette (2nd) in class 318 for yearllng bulls.  He was praised especially for his docility and calm demeanour in the ring. 

Many congratulations to Philip and Premier.


Above:  Photo by Rose Battye — Premier and Philip in the ring, being judged by Mrs Eve Kryger, of Ashford, Kent.
Below:  After winning his blue rosette (2nd prize), Premier relaxes in the cattle lines at Royal Norfolk showground.

190626 Premier relaxing